Nick Viall has quite a history when it comes to dating women from "The Bachelor" franchise but little is known about the girls he dated before he became a reality TV star. However, when Nick heads to his hometown in Waukesha, Wisconsin during episode 4 (January 23), he will run into his former girlfriend, Amber Allan, during a one-on-one date with contestant Danielle Lombard. Can you say awkward?

The episode was filmed back in October in Waukesha the town where Nick grew up. It's not a tiny town like former "Bachelor" Chris Soules live in, but it's certainly not a big city with the most recent stats showing that population was 70,718 in 2010.

And while Nick went to back to his town to show the 15 girls who remain his hometown, Danielle probably didn't expect to meet a girl he dated years ago.

A date with a former girlfriend

Okay, Nick didn't actually go on a date with Amber when he returned to Waukesha, but she was part of his one-on-one with Danielle. According to Reality Steve, the ex shows up at a coffee shop while he's on his date and while there's no doubt that producers will lead viewers into thinking it's going to become a really big deal, that's not what happens at all.

Is Amber still single?

Danielle and the other ladies have nothing to worry about. According to Amber Allan's Facebook page (amber.allan.9), she is happily married and has two adorable sons.

The Heavy reports that she works as a Vendor Management Liaison at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Glendale, Wisconsin and majored in education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

How does Nick react when he sees Amber?

Considering it's probably been years since Nick dated Amber, running into each other wasn't a big deal.

In fact, Reality Steve states that it wasn't an accident that his ex showed up on Nick's date — apparently he helped the producers set the whole thing up to create a little drama. As if Corinne's drama isn't enough?

Steve states that Nick dated Amber before she got married and the date was "set up by Nick and producers" and she was told where to go so she could "accidentally" run into Nick and Danielle.

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