"The Bachelor" Nick Viall is getting plenty of heat for keeping Corinne Olympios around this season, but aside from their obvious sexual chemistry, Nick has made it clear that he enjoys the fact that the 24-year-old Florida resident isn't afraid to go after what she wants. After taking her top off on one of the first group dates and coming on to Nick with the help of some whipped cream during the Week 3 pool party, many fans are wondering how long Corinne will stick around and if she will make it to the Fantasy Suite dates — or perhaps as far as the final rose.

Every season at least one girl gets the villain edit and Corinne is doing a fabulous job playing that role of the mansion bad girl, something her mother tells is all an act. Her mother, Peri, recently told TMZ that producers pushed her daughter into the "bad girl role" and Corinne is faking the whole villain thing. However, Nick doesn't seem to mind as fans will soon find out — he keeps her around for quite awhile, much to the disappointment of many of the other girls on the show.

The roses keep coming

Many viewers were shocked when Corinne didn't show up for the Episode 2 rose ceremony and Nick gave her a rose anyway. And on Episode 3, she lured him into a bounce house and got him all sorts of excited, then proceeded to ask him to lick whipped cream off her body — something that prompted frontrunner Vanessa to question whether Nick was there to have a good time or to find a wife.

Spoilers indicate that Corinne's bad-girl antics will continue and she'll have a blowout fight during the Episode 4 cocktail party when Taylor calls her "emotionally unintelligent." Still, Nick doesn't have a problem with her lack of maturity, her sexual advances, and her admission that, at 24, she has a nanny.

Corinne gets what she wants

It's hard to believe, but Corinne Olympios makes it further than anyone would have expected this season. It's not clear if producers have kept her around because she's great entertainment or if Nick really enjoyed her company (and lack of clothing), but she sticks around for quite awhile.

According to Reality Steve, Corinne makes it all the way to the hometown dates (air date February 20) with Nick before he decides to send her home. So, if the spoilers are correct, she won't make it to the Fantasy Suite dates, but there is a very good chance fans will see her heat things up on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer.