"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham is a controversial figure. While she's wildly successful, her businesses reach beyond yogurt and furniture. She has sold molds of her genitals; she has a webcam series; and she has also starred in porn. What's more? She may add "stripper" to her resume. Women's liberation is so important, especially during President Trump's movement. However, her scantily-clad appearances could hurt her long-term. But she's a businesswoman, and she can turn anything into opportunity. The franchise "Teen Mom" won't last forever.

As entrepreneurs say, "carpe diem!"

Farrah Abraham's sexy show

Headquartered in NYC is a strip joint. It offers everything, from dances to champagne. Even celebrities host parties, and civilians flood the building. For example, Courtney Stodden will grace the stage this Valentine's Day. But Farrah Abraham went there first! According to HQNYC's Twitter -- and Star -- the mother partied at the hot spot. The magazine reported: "Farrah Abraham, dancing with friends at Headquarters NYC." She's known for her celebratory arrivals. As a promo for "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom," she visited several strip clubs. Here's a list: Passions at Hard Rock, Silk, Sunrise Gentlemen's Lounge, 46 Lounge, and Gold Club.

Will patrons see more of her soon? Maybe. Right now, though, Farrah Abraham is focused on other ventures.

Farrah Abraham's 'Big Brother'

In 2015, Farrah Abraham was in the cast of "Celebrity Big Brother UK." Her demeanor disrupted the household, but she gave fans the drama they needed. Unfortunately for them, she was booted from the show.

However, she might join another season. According to Daily Mail, "And [she] now looks set to cause havoc in the UK when she reportedly makes an appearance on the upcoming series of "Celebrity Big Brother." The 23-year-old reality star...has reportedly been signed up by Channel 5 bosses in a bid to boost the long-running show's sex appeal." Even though she receives hate, her work ethic can't be undermined. She labors for not just her, but her daughter Sophia. Whether she's on camera or at the club, she spins straw into gold.