There have been rumors and controversy surrounding Lala Kent for a while now. She has been at odds with her co-stars over her personal life. They assume that her boyfriend is married because she wants to keep her personal life personal. With only one friend, James Kennedy, Lala has had a rough work environment. Being the hostess, the first face patrons see, she was expected to smile and be friendly no matter what was going on in the background -- and there was always drama!

Co-stars ganged-up with unsubstantiated accusations

Her co-stars made many assumptions about Kent's personal life.

When she got a new Range Rover, they decided her married boyfriend had bought it for her. Now, of course, this would mean he managed to do this without his wife knowing, so he must be one wealthy dude! No matter how many times or how many ways Lala told them her boyfriend was not a married man, they just wouldn't let it go.

In an interview with Keven Undergaro on "The Tomorrow Show," she spoke of not only her boyfriend, but of what is next for her. Lala Kent stated that her man is no cheater. In fact, she would like to be on "WAGS" next -- a reality show for wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. When asked why her man never showed up on the set of "Vanderpump Rules" she laid it on the line and said that he wouldn't risk his own endorsements with an appearance on a show like that.

On the January 9th episode, fans will see Lala Kent show up at SUR for what will be her final shift. Previews for the show reveal that she walks out. Simply says that is enough, and heads for the door.

What is the former hostess star saying about her exit?

Lala has made it clear that the decision to leave the Bravo spin-off from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was completely her own.

In the show she didn't have the opportunity to show viewers anything about her day-to-day personal life, and looks forward to being able to do that now. Being the confident and self-assured woman viewers know she is, she feels that the mean girls of "Vanderpump Rules" don't deserve a place in her corner of the world.