"The Bachelor" is known for exotic dates in beautiful places. This week is no exception as Nick and ladies find themselves in the St. Thomas Virgin Islands. The date cards arrive, and all nine women get a chance to see him this week. If you don't want to know, don't read further. Spoilers follow!

The first date of the week is a one-on-one with Kristina Schulman. They went to St. John to see the Annaberg Ruins where they threw a blanket on the ground and spent some time getting to know each other better. Nick was impressed because she took the rose back to the mansion with her.

Who leaves with a surprising confession?

The next date card is a group date. Nick takes six women to play Volleyball. The team that wins gets extra time with Nick. The first team is Raven, Corinne and Rachel. The second team is Vanessa, Jasmine and Danielle M. The winning team is Corinne, Rachel and Raven. Instead of the second team heading back to the mansion, there were tears and Nick decided to keep them all with him for the evening. By the end of the night, Raven was holding the date rose but Jasmine was sent home! As she was leaving she dropped the bombshell on Nick that she had sex with one of his buddies!

The final date card is for a two-on-one date. Nick asks Danielle L. and Whitney to join him.

They take a helicopter to a private island so Nick will be able to spend time with each of the ladies separately as well as together. Well, he ends up picking Danielle to grab the next chopper off the island when he eliminates Whitney. As Nick and Danielle continue their evening, she admits that she is falling in love with him but Nick doesn't have the same feelings.

He sends her home as well.

No need for a Rose Ceremony.

With the unexpected elimination of both ladies on the two-on-one date, Nick decides to go talk to the remaining six ladies. He has the meltdown we have all seen in the previews where he is worried that he may not find love in the process.

Nick makes it to his room to tuck in for the night and there is the infamous knock at the door that the previews have aired. It is Corinne trying to seduce him. To his credit, he sent her home and did not have sex with her in St. Thomas!