Alright, so now it's time to go over the big spoiler scoops for tomorrow's "Days Of Our Lives" January 6th, 2017 episode. We were able to dig up four, really good storylines that will be taking place from our TV Guide sources. There is definitely some interesting things that will be happening as Gabi ,accidentally runs into Abigail and Chad while they're out having a good time with each other. Can we say, Awkward? Then we've got some sort of argument, going down with Valerie and Theo over a spy bug, and more.

This could get pretty serious

To get this session started, lets dig into the Abigail and Chad stuff.

It turns out that they'll be just having a good ole time together as it's described that they will enjoy a nice, little family outing at one point. Then it sounds like things will get real intense , because they're going to run into Gabi who has to witness all of this new joy they are having after all the history she had with Chad. How will she react to this? Will she fly off the handle? I can't wait to find out.

What's going to happen this time?

Gabi is also apart of our next reveal as she's just all over the place these days. We learn that she and JJ are going to get into it ,again, as they describe that they will share a very intense moment. I couldn't get more intel about what this scene will entail, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

It should be a good scene, though.

Oh, he's gonna get it

Next, we've got a big confrontation scene on our hands. It turns out that Valerie is going to be real pissed off about him leaving a spy bug in her purse, because they tell us that these two will end up, engaging in big argument, or squaring off over it as they describe.

Will they come to a resolution, or will they just keep jumping down each other's throats? Whatever the case, this is going to get quite dramatic. Some extra intel, reveals that Valerie will definitely be the aggressor, here, totally laying into him about this violation of her privacy!

They get pretty close

Finally, we've got this last reveal, which lets us know that we'll be seeing Ciara and Theo, engaging in a heavy bonding session at some point, but the intrigue won't stop there, because it's explained that Claire will be in the vicinity, looking on at their connection time. What will Ciara do about this? Will she get all pissed off? It's going to get real interesting. Stay tuned.