Welcome to another Tuesday spoiler session, "This Is Us" fans. We've got a couple of juicy ones for the upcoming episode 14 of season 1, so sit tight., These are fresh off the writing boat of the NBC press release team. We've got Rebecca and Jack starting to get all worried over some stuff they heard from Shelly and Miguel! Kevin will start to take a closer look at his past romantic situations. Kate gets side-tracked by Toby, and more.

The diet is over for now

We've also got a title for this one. The people in charge, decided to name this one: "I Call Marriage," so that sounds interesting, I guess.

We're going to start things off with the Toby and Kate stuff. Kate is currently busy trying to lose weight, but apparently, Toby is going to put an end to that little endeavor, or at least, sidetrack her for a bit, as they tell us that he's going to throw a wrench into whatever weight loss program she's got going on at the moment. They don't indicate exactly what Toby does to elicit such an abrupt response from her, so it'll certainly be very interesting to find out.

He's not gonna take it

Next, we learn that Randall is just going to refuse to accept the health situation that his father is currently suffering, so it sounds like he might try to do something about it, but we can't say for sure, because that's all NBC would say about that situation.

It's going to be very interesting to see if he will attempt to do something about it, and if so, exactly what he'll do about it.

Possible relationship debacle

Now, we're at the part where we talk about this worrying drama that's going down with Rebecca and Jack. It turns out that, at some point, Shelly and Miguel are going to show up on the scene to deliver some really awful and terrible news to them.

It's going to be so freaking bad that it's going to cause them to start panicking about their own relationship. Since they describe it that way, we can sort of make a guess that this bad news may be about something that has gone wrong in Shelly and Miguel's relationship. We'll have to see the episode to be sure, because NBC sure didn't mention that part of the tale.

She gets a fantastic job offer

From there, we've got Rebecca, popping up in another storyline. Apparently, she's going to land a new job opportunity that they are describing as being absolutely amazing! So, wow! What a turn of events she will experience in this one, huh? Of course, they don't say what this new job is, so again, we'll have to wait for that to be revealed.

Kevin does some reflecting

Finally we've got one last teaser to cover, and it involves Kevin. Apparently, he's going to be sitting around, thoroughly examining his past, romantic relationships. So, it sounds like he'll be trying to do some self-reflecting of sorts. What will he discover? That is the big question for that scenario.

Alright, so we're going to close this out with a little bad news. We've learned from the press release that this episode will not be airing until February 7th, 2017 at 8pm central time. For some reason, they are skipping next week, so just be prepared for that, and stay tuned.