Paris Michael Katherine Jackson recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine for her first in-depth Interview. The only daughter of late singer Michael Jackson revealed tidbits that may surprise his fans. Speaking candidly, the 18-year-old sported over 50 tattoos, nine of which honored her father. When asked about her father’s death, Paris did not hesitate to partially blame Dr. Conrad Murray, believing her famous dad’s demise was not all cut and dry from a fatal overdose of Propofol. She believes there was a deeper conspiracy at work and revealed that the singer himself would hint that people were after him, and once said, “They’re going to kill me one day.” Murray, who she refers to as “the doctor” with air quotes, was convicted of manslaughter in connection to Jackson’s death.

Paris insists it was a setup and that the family knows.

Well aware of the fact that most people don’t believe Michael Jackson is her biological father, Paris Jackson strongly believes he is. The young, blonde-haired beauty said people even tell her they can see him in her, which to her is almost scary. Paris stated that she considers herself to be black, and that her father once looked her in the eye and told her she was black, and to be proud of her roots. So, she believed him, and she said he never lied to her. Paris noted that people who don’t know her thinks she’s white, and attribute it to her fair skin and blonde hair, making her look as though she’s from Finland or somewhere similar. She pointed out that her looks are not unusual for a bi-racial child.

Memories of life with her father

According to Paris Jackson, MJ was a culinary whiz. She said he made the best fried chicken and taught her how to make sweet potato pie. Prior to his death, Paris and her siblings were home-schooled. According to Paris, she and her brothers were given the option of attending regular school but chose not to.

She added: who needed friends when they had him and the Disney Channel? But after the “Beat It” singer died, she agreed to enroll in a private school. And then life changed.

A downward spiral began

Paris Jackson admitted to doing crazy things that young teens had no business doing. She tried to grow up too fast and had to deal with cyberbullying.

At age 14, and already suffering from inner turmoil and depression, Paris says she was sexually assaulted by a total stranger. After several suicide attempts, she said self-hatred and low self-esteem led her to ingesting 20 Motrin tablets and slashing her wrists in 2013, but it ultimately convinced her to seek therapy. She admitted to secretly harming herself by cutting as a teen. The tattoos now conceal some of those scars, as well as track marks caused by drug use.