"General Hospital" spoilers tease tense moments are ahead during the week of January 30th for Franco (Roger Howarth) as he races the clock to find his love, Liz (Rebecca Herbst). What the "GH" viewers know now is that Seth Baker knows that Liz thinks Franco is innocent of murdering Tom. He knows if the cops think Franco is innocent, it will be only a matter of time before they come looking for him, especially if anyone finds Franco in the storage unit.

Sam discovers Franco in a storage unit

According to the February 6 issue of Soap Opera Digest magazine, Sam finds Franco in a storage unit.

She urges him to get medical treatment because he seems confused and has a deep cut on his face. Once he receives treatment, he refuses to stay a minute longer because he is anxious about Liz's safety with Seth's whereabouts unknown.

"General Hospital" spoilers state that Nathan (Ryan Paeavy) arrives at the hospital to take Franco's statement. After seeing the trophies in the storage unit, Franco felt as if he has seen them before. He asks Nathan if he knew where Liz was, and that's when the cop told him the last time he saw her she was with Seth Baker. As you can imagine, Franco begins to freak out.

Liz is close to the truth

Liz decides to follow Seth home after his comment peaked her curiosity.

She has a hunch that he may be the killer but wants to have proof before going back to the police. She finds something in his apartment that could tie him to the murder.

Meanwhile, Franco scrambles to find her before Seth hurts her.

"GH" spoilers reveal that he is in pretty bad shape, both physically and emotionally, but he can't sit and do nothing when Liz could be in trouble.

Alexis remembers an important detail

"General Hospital" spoilers state that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) recovers her memories about the night that Tom died. She is relieved when she remembers not killing him.

Now that she feels confident that she didn't kill Tom, she can concentrate on the real problem in her life --- Jullian (William deVry). According to the "GH" spoilers, Alexis is becoming more aware that Julian may be in trouble.

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC.