Each season of "The Bachelor" has a villain. Corrine Olympios has gone out of her way to make sure it is her this season! If her actions on the show weren't enough to raise your eyebrows, surely learning she has a Nanny at 24-years-old did.

Promiscuous and spoiled, all in one

Corrine Olympios' actions week after week have stunned the other contestants. She ripped her top off and placed Nick's hands on her breasts. Another time she took her top off and pressed her body against Nick. In an on-camera interview she told us all she has a "platinum vagina."

If her promiscuity and lack of morals aren't enough, let's talk about how spoiled and entitled she is.

She recently told the other contestants that she has a Nanny. They quickly realized she meant for her! At 24-years-old she refers to her household employee as a Nanny rather than a Personal Assistant. Of course this didn't sit right with the other contestants.

Free Raquel campaign

One viewer of "The Bachelor" took action. Mark Chandley, a college student, started a GoFundMe to #FreeRaquel. The description states that the $100K goal of the campaign will be used to help Raquel not only find another job but also to get on financially stable ground. According to CNN, this was meant as a joke but some viewers have actually contributed to the fund!

Corrine Olympios is quite offended by the attention, it seems.

She posted on social media that folks need to get over it. She claims Racquel is treated like part of the family. She accuses Mark Chandley of trying to make money for himself by using this situation.

Mark has made it clear that making money was not his intent. He simply created the GoFundMe account as a joke, never expecting to raise any money.

To his surprise, several hundred dollars have been donated so far. His plans are to either find Raquel and give her the money or to return it to the contributors.

Do you think this was a joke taken a step too far? What are your thoughts on Corrine Olympios having a Nanny at the age of 24?