Nick Viall and drama are synonymous with "The Bachelor" family. With having been the runner-up twice on "The Bachelorette" he tried his luck on "Bachelor In Paradise." Now we have him in control of the roses for a season and on the first night he met with his first challenge.

How did Nick and Liz meet?

Nick is friends with Tanner and Jade Tolbert. When they were married last year, he was there. Jade's Maid of Honor was 29-year-old Elizabeth (Liz) Sandoz, a doula from Las Vegas. Nick and Liz ended up having a one night stand after the wedding.

According to Liz, Nick asked for her number.

She refused however and told him to just leave it be. On the show, she explained that she felt if they were meant to see each other again, they would run into each other. Nick was still confused as to why she would come to the show as a contestant when she had made no effort to call him in the nine months it had been since they spent the night together. The conversation was tense and soon interrupted by another contestant wanting to get to know Nick.

Liz shared with the cameras that she wanted to know if there was potential there for a relationship with Nick. She pondered that if she had given her number to him after their night together, maybe none of them would be there to tape the show we are now watching.

When it came time to pass out roses, Nick gave Liz the very last one. According to Reality Steve, don't get too used to having her around. That was the one and only rose that will be coming her way this season.

Liz tells about her one night stand with Nick.

In the preview for next week, viewers saw Liz confiding in another contestant about the one night stand.

Of course, this news makes it around the house and drama ensues!

According to Realty Steve, Liz is invited on one of the first group dates of the season. A total of six women join Nick at the Museum of Broken Relationships. They must act out a break-up with Nick in front of the audience. Though it isn't clear what goes wrong, we do know that Liz self-eliminates after the date.