Nick Viall makes his debut as 'The Bachelor' on January 2, 2017, but he's no stranger to putting his emotions on the line while cameras are rolling. While fans of ABC's reality dating series are hoping to see Nick find his one true love, an insider who reportedly knows Viall well says that he only took the gig to further his career and the only person he is in love with is himself.

From bragging that he can get any woman he wants to talk about all the sex he had off camera with former 'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe, a 'Bachelor' insider has spilled all the dirty details about Nick during a new 'Reality Steve' podcast.

In the video below, blogger Reality Steve interviews a woman who he claims has had "close interactions" with Nick — and the video is just a teaser of what's to come in the full interview in an upcoming podcast. The unnamed woman slams Nick for being "fake" and goes on to say that he thinks he's "God's gift" and "very, very, very much loves himself."

Is Nick really looking for love on 'The Bachelor'?

ABC has fans convinced that Nick is back to find the love of his life after getting dumped by both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on their seasons of 'The Bachelorette' and subsequently dumping Jen Saviano on 'Bachelor in Paradise' last summer.

However, the woman who has spilled some dirty details about Nick Viall says that love is the last thing on his mind and it's all about fame.

"Some of the things he [Nick] shared about contestants was mind blowing," the woman tells Reality Steve. "He talks about what a manly-man he is and how he can get any woman ... he thinks he is the God of 'The Bachelor.'

She goes on to say that Nick turns on the tears for the cameras and knows "when to cry" and "when to laugh" when cameras are rolling, hinting that he's acting and not genuine about finding love on the 'Bachelor' franchise show.

What do fans think of Nick Viall?

There's a mixed reaction on social media about Nick getting the 2017 'Bachelor' gig. Some fans can't wait to watch him date 30 women on the upcoming season and others are ready for someone completely new to hand out roses.

One peek at the comments on the official 'Bachelor' Facebook page will give you a good idea about how Nick is perceived by die-hard fans.

"He's a male chauvinist pig and this will be the first season I will not be watching!," states fan Tina Hengen on a recent Facebook post that shows Nick in the shower. "All you guys are doing is feeding his ego!"

Do you think Nick is looking for love or is he hoping to further his quest for fame after his season of 'The Bachelor'?