When Elizabeth Sandoz arrives at "The Bachelor" mansion to meet Nick Viall, it isn't the first time they've locked eyes. Although Nick claims that he didn't know that Liz was cast as a contestant on the show, it doesn't take him long to recall that they spent the night together months before filming got underway. The 29-year-old doula from Las Vegas just happens to be friends with "Bachelor in Paradise" star Jade (Roper) Tolbert and served as Jade's maid of honor when she married Tanner Tolbert last year.

During Monday night's "Bachelor" premiere, fans will see Liz admit to another contestant that she had a one-night stand with Nick after Jade and Tanner's wedding.

She goes on to say that she turned him down when he gave out his phone number but decided to come on the show to see if there was still a connection.

This is awkward

According to Reality Steve, the conversation between Liz and Nick is pretty strained when they finally get a chance to chat during the first cocktail party of the season. Liz, who admits in her ABC bio that she picks her nose while driving and is a big Justin Bieber fan, tells Nick that she didn't take his number because she believes that if their paths were supposed to cross again, they would. And they did. But did their one-night stand mess with her ability to make a long-term connection with Nick?

Does Liz make it to the hometown dates with Nick?

Eight girls are eliminated on "The Bachelor" season premiere and Liz isn't one of them. Sandoz moves on to Episode 2 with 21 other girls where she gets picked to go on one of the first group dates of the season. Spoilers indicate that she goes on a date with five other girls — and Nick, of course — to the Museum of Broken Relationships where they had to act out a break-up with Nick in front of an audience.

Although Liz came on the show to see if she had relationship potential with Nick, Reality Steve states that she eliminates herself from the competition after the group date.

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