It took only minutes, but after Donald Trump signed the executive order to ban Muslims from certain Middle East countries from entering the United States, backlash quickly followed. As protests broke out across the country over the Muslim ban, actors and actresses at the SAG Awards spoke out.

SAG Awards on Trump

Heading into the weekend, Donald Trump completed his first full week in the White House by signing several executive orders. One of them included the aforementioned Muslim ban. In response, protests broke out in airports around the country after reports of Muslims being detained inside.

Two men who were detained contacted the ACLU and filed a lawsuit against the administration, which ultimately led to a federal judge ordering a stay on the order in question late Saturday night. As reported by the offical SAG Awards Twitter account on January 29, Hollywood has decided to give their thoughts.

"A lot of people are saying right now that actors shouldn't express their opinions when it comes to politics. But the truth is, actors are activists no matter what because we embody the work and humanity of all people," "Scandal" actress Kerry Washington said as the show kicked off. "To everyone at home. And to everyone in airports that belong in my America.

You are part of the fabric of what we are," Actor Ashton Kutcher said. "We love you. And we welcome you," he continued.

After winning his SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series for "Shameless," William H. Macy had a special message for the new president.

"I wanna thank President Trump for making Frank Gallagher seem so normal," Macy said, while taking a shot at his own character, who is known as an alcoholic and degenerate.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus speaks

The biggest moment of the night came when Julia Louis-Dreyfus accept her award for best Female Actor in a Comedy Series, and spoke at the podium.

"I want you all to know that I am the daughter of an immigrant," Louis-Dreyfus said.

"My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France and I’m an American patriot and I love this country," she continued, while explaining that she is "horrified by its blemishes," making reference to the Muslim ban. As of press time, Donald Trump has not yet responded to the SAG Awards, but it's expected that he will at some point in the future.