Tarek and Christina El Moussa announced they were separated last month after an unfortunate incident. A phone call to the police leaked from back in May, and the couple was forced to admit they had been living apart since then. While they commented they were working on their marriage, fans believed they were headed for divorce.

Tarek files for divorce from Christina

According to Hollywood Life, the paperwork for divorce was filed by Tarek. This is interesting because all along, there has been speculation that Christina is the one who stepped out on their marriage.

She has been rumored to be dating the family contractor, Gary Anderson. Allegations were that back in May, Tarek found inappropriate text messages from Anderson to his wife and that is why he lost his cool. After seven years of marriage and two kids, it isn't shocking that he went a little crazy over this.

Dating other people

Christina has reportedly confirmed she is dating Gary Anderson. It isn't surprising as she spent the new year in Park City, Utah and he was likely there with his daughter. Anderson is 57 and El Moussa is in her 30's. It is a significant age gap, almost similar to the one Tarek shared with the nanny he was dating a few months ago. He was seeing the nanny the couple hired to watch their children.

Before he began to date Alyssa Logan, he fired her. In his mind, this alleviated any conflict of interest.

It will be interesting to see how this divorce is going to go down, especially with what all is at stake. The couple has a real estate company, their show, and some other little things they have done on the side like seminar teachings.

Christina has been worried about saving her brand and has mentioned she would like to continue to work with Tarek in a professional capacity. It looks like he is over the entire situation and at this point, he just wants to get out while he can. Their divorce won't be cut and dry because they have property, businesses, and children. All of this is going to get messy before it gets any better.