Christina El Moussa has been a hot topic since news of her marriage ending broke in early December. She had been married to Tarek for seven years and the couple separated back in May. There was a domestic dispute between the couple which led to the police being called. While no one was arrested, it was an eye-opening event for the married couple and they decided to split just a few weeks later.

On New Year's Eve, Christina decided to write a long-winded Instagram post where she reflected on 2016. According to Us Weekly, she called the year "crazy." There were plenty of changes for her small family, many of which have also affected the business portion of her life.

As 2017 begins, there are many new things that will come El Moussa's way, some as a direct result of her choices in 2016.

HGTV cancels show

"Flip or Flop" has been cancelled by HGTV. Season 3 is still filming but after that ends in a few weeks, the show is over. Christina is running around like a mad woman trying to save her brand she worked hard to build. Not only was "Flip or Flop" an important part of her life but she also owns a realty company with Tarek. The two have partnered in several different ventures and now, things will have to be split. The couple has decided that they will remain professional and amicable in order to continue working together so that their income doesn't suffer because of their marriage fail.

Christina allegedly begins dating Gary Anderson

Rumors have been circulating that Christina El Moussa has already moved on from her marriage to Tarek. In fact, there are whispers that the fight back in May had to do with her husband finding inappropriate texts from the family contractor, Gary Anderson. She has been seen out with him since then, and it is being implied that she likely rung in the new year with him in Park City, Utah.

If she gave up her marriage to Tarek to entertain a twice-divorced, middle-aged man, the backlash is going to be heavy for her.

Now that "crazy" 2016 is behind her, Christina El Moussa is moving forward with her life.