Who does "The Bachelor" Nick Viall send home on Episode 3 that airs Monday, January 16? The third week of Nick's journey to find love takes place in Los Angeles and by the end of the episode, three girls will pack their bags and go home leaving just 15 girls to compete for the final rose.

In addition to two group dates and a one-on-one date, there will be a pool party at the "Bachelor" mansion on Week 3, a less formal cocktail party that will give this season's villain, Corinne Olympios, another chance to crawl all over Nick in a barely-there bikini.

Who goes on dates with Nick, who are the former "Bachelor" stars show up for one of the group dates, and who goes home during Week 3? Here are the latest spoilers for the upcoming episode that can't come fast enough for fans of ABC's dating reality show.

Dancing, drinking, and "The Bachelor" Olympics

There will be a whole 'lotta partying on the third episode — with a side of track and field. One of the dates will thrill Backstreet Boys fans when seven ladies not only get to go to a concert but will perform on stage with Nick and the guys in the group. Former "Bachelor" contestants Becca Tilley and Ashley Iaconetti (Chris Soules' season) will make an appearance on stage for no other reason than — well, no one really knows, but they are popular with fans of the show, so there's that.

According to Reality Steve, the drama will kick into gear at the group date after party when Corinne starts bragging about her nanny. And if that's not enough to put the other ladies in dislike-mode, she'll monopolize plenty of Nick's time during the pool party that takes place before the Week 3 rose ceremony. Although she seems to be the center of attention, she doesn't get the group date rose — that goes to Danielle L.

The second group date will involve some great Olympians who will help out during a track and field date. That sounds like a bummer of a date for those who would rather be dancing with the Backstreet Boys, but a chance to meet Michelle Carter, Allyson Felix and Carl Lewis is an amazing opportunity.

Rachel gets the group date rose and Nick sends Dominique home during the after party. It's not clear why he did so before the rose ceremony but Reality Steve states that it may have been because she was intoxicated.

Vanessa questions Nick's intentions

A one-on-one date with Vanessa proves to be rose-worthy, but ABC's preview for Episode 3 shows her confronting him about how serious he is about finding a wife. Perhaps she was concerned that he's just there for fun after hearing about his one-night stand with Liz?

After the pool party — otherwise known as Corinne's attempt to show off more skin to Nick — spoilers point to two more eliminations at the rose ceremony — Brittany and Christen.

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