"Flip or Flop" stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa can't seem to get out of the limelight lately! The whole scandal of alleged text messages and alleged affairs was just the beginning, it seems.

The couple has a knack for the real estate market for sure. Their track record shows they know how to flip houses and make a profit. In order to branch out, they partnered with Zurixx's Success Path Education. They worked together to put together a three-day seminar on flipping houses much like they did on HGTV. While it was never said the the couple would attend each of their seminars, attendees claim it was insinuated that they would be present.

This has caused Success Path to update their website to explain that the pair may not actually attend each seminar because of scheduling and family obligations. They go on to explain that trusted real estate partners of the El Moussa's will be teaching the seminar.

Complaints to the FTC

While Zurixx's Success Path Education has received in excess of 40 complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, there are six complaints that specifically mention the El Moussas. According to attendees, the initial seminar is free. The attendees are encouraged to sign up for a seminar package priced at $1,197. The FTC records say the next level is the Diamond Enrollment for a whopping $41,297.

According to Radar Online, one attendee stated they were told to increase their credit limits to get the funding they needed for the packages.

When their financial adviser intervened and advised them not to proceed, they were unable to get a refund of their investment.

Several are reporting the same problems!

Several other attendees echo the same story. They are openly applauded for raising the money for the seminars but when the problems start, there is nowhere to turn for help. There are reports from consumers of debt in the six figure range from their time involved with the seminars.

As of yet, Tarek and Christina have not spoken out to give their side of the story.