Nick Viall is "The Bachelor" 2017 this season, but it sounds like he isn't the only one making decisions on this season. The Hollywood Gossip is sharing that Nick allegedly let the producers make some of the big decisions for him. Nick Viall already knows how it works so maybe he wanted to take some of the pressure off.

What did Nick allegedly let producers do for him?

A tabloid insider shared the details that Nick allegedly didn't always pick which girls to keep around each week. Instead, he actually let the producers pick and just did whatever they told him to do.The insider spoke out saying, "Nick had such a hard time making decisions about the women that he literally had producers decide for him." Of course, the girls won't be happy to hear that Nick Viall wasn't the one picking.

The source shared that Nick would have meetings with producers before each rose ceremony. These meetings were allegedly so they could help him to pick out who he would give a rose to that week. If this is true, that could explain why he keeps picking Corinne, even though the fans are ready for her to go home.

The source went on to say, "His emotions were all over the place ... [Nick] was in love with two different women and he didn’t know what to do." Nick had to make the right choice because he has had his heart broken more than once on the show and obviously didn't want it to happen again. The insider said that the producers would have Nick keep around girls that would be good for drama instead of just the girls that were best for him.

The source even says that the producers told Nick who to pick in the end.

The producers have been known to help out with telling the lead who they should pick. It wouldn't be shocking if Nick actually got help along the way, but everyone would be surprised to hear that Nick let them help pick his winner if that is true.

Do you believe that Nick Viall let the producers tell him which girls to keep around instead of making the choices on his own?

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