Alright, "The Affair" fans. We've got some very intense episode 9, season 3 teasers, straight from TV Guide to share with you guys, right now. Apparently, we've got a disturbing identity crisis that's set to come upon Helen over some heavy guilt! And Noah will be no better off as something very horrific is about to creep up on him after his whole world crumbles, and more!

It's called 9 in case you hadn't figured it out yet

We were also given a title for this one. It's a very short one as you guys would expect by now. Heck, I don't really even think it should be considered a title as they're just calling it: "9" for episode 9.

It turns out they've been doing this every season. It sounds kinda lazy, but whatever.

She's going to need some professional help, I think

Anyways, lets dig into this synopsis a little bit more. It turns out that we're going to see Helen make a big escape to Montauk at some point, and this will not be a good thing for her as it's going to start making her feel even more guilty than she already did. Then when you just start to think things can't get any worse for poor Helen, we're going to see her break down even more when these feelings of guilt, cause a quick onset of an identity crisis for her!

Will she be able to eventually pull it together and get over this mess? Or will she let these circumstances just totally break her down?

Geez, I hope not. One thing's for sure, we're definitely going to get a whole lot of emotion that results from these scenes.

Is it really that bad?

In this last scoop, we find out that Noah will not be doing good either. In fact, that's probably a big understatement as it's described that his entire world is going to just absolutely collapse on him.

If that's not enough, we also learn that things are going to get even worse for him, because he's going to be left, having to deal with something that's described as being "horrific."

Oh no! What could this big horrific thing be? Will it totally get the best of him? Or will he be able to stay strong and overcome this crazy situation?

These are just a few questions that pop up for this Noah debacle. And again, we'll definitely see some heavy, dramatic scenes come out of this.

Alright, guys. That's going to wrap up this session, but be sure to stay tuned for some new spoiler clips to hit the net later on tonight after episode 8 finishes up, because they'll definitely feature some extra details . We can also confirm that episode 9 is set to show up next Sunday night, January 22nd, 2017 at 10pm eastern standard time. Stay tuned.