Hey, "Homeland" fans. We're back at you ,again, to let you guys know what's in store in the upcoming episode 2 of the current season 6. We were able to dig up three, new storyline scoops for this one from our TV guide sources, so special thanks to them. We're definitely going to see some more really intense stuff as Reda and Carrie put up some heavy fighting action on behalf of their client. Keane has been doing some stuff that has Dar and Saul's suspicions set to "high" at the moment, and more.

Basement action in the title

We also got a title for this 2nd installment.

It turns out that they decided to name it: "The Man in the Basement." This is, no doubt, in reference to Quinn and his current situation, so it seems like a pretty fitting title for that scenario. It probably means that we'll also be seeing quite a bit of him in this one, but don't quote me on that.

They're really busy

Alright, so according to these synopsis reveals, we have a client of Carrie and Reda ,that apparently, really needs some heavy defending as it's described that they are going to be very busy fighting for this client. Who will this client be? Will their efforts prove to be successful? Or will they get outfought? These are a few questions that immediately come to mind for this particular situation.

Whatever the case, definitely look for these two to have their hands full in this one.

Very unhappy times

Next, we find out that Quinn is most certainly not going to be exhibiting signs of happiness with his new life as it's described that he will constantly be battling against it! The question, here, is: will he ever be able to calm down and get it together?

Or will some special arrangements need to be made in an effort to force him to get it together? Whatever ends up happening, I'm sure these scenes will definitely fill your appetite for crazy drama.

Nothing but alarm bells for her

Then for this last plotline scoop of this session, we've got some very interesting stuff going on with Keane's situation.

Apparently, she's going to have Dar and Saul, thinking she's keeping secrets from them, and their suspicions about her are going to be flying through the roof. What's the big secret that they think she's hiding? Is there even really a big secret at all? If so, will she ever ease Dar and Saul's suspicions by letting them in on it? Oh, so many questions will very few answers at the moment. We certainly hope some of them get answered in this episode.

Alright guys. That's it for now, but you're definitely going to want to be on the lookout for the big, three, new spoiler clips that Showtime will be dropping on Homeland's official Youtube page, tonight. They should definitely offer more insight into episode 2. Also, we can confirm that it's set to air on Sunday night, January 22nd, 2017 at 9pm eastern standard time. Stay tuned.