Happy Sunday "Homeland" fans. We were able to track down a couple of spoiler teasers from the Showtime peeps for the upcoming episode 4 of season 6 of your favorite show. They gave up three storyline reveals and they're quite vague. Lets see here. We've got Carrie, busy in the midst of handling a client. Elsewhere, Quinn has launched an investigation of some sort, while a change of events has occurred with Saul's trip.

It's called "A Flash Of Light"

We've also learned that the producers have decided to name this one: "A Flash Of Light," so it sounds pretty interesting.

Getting into their official synopsis, we learn that Carrie is, indeed, going to be quite busy as they tell us that she will, quote, be handling a client, whatever that means. They didn't go into any sort of detail as to what that really means. So, right now, we're just left to wonder what all she'll be doing to so-called handle this client. Hopefully, we'll get some more details on that when they release the spoiler clips later on tonight.

What's going on with this Saul trip?

Anyways, moving right along, they also revealed that we're going to see Saul's current trip, take a turn. So, yes. This is another really vague teaser that they left us with. The obvious questions that we're left with, here, is what kind of turn is this trip going to take?

Will it be a positive turn, or a negative turn? Will Saul actually complete his trip? Hopefully, we'll see all of these questions get answered during this episode, but they might extend it out over a couple of episodes. We'll see. Maybe, we'll get some deeper insight once they drop the promo clip tonight.

Quinn's getting to work

Alright, we've got this 3rd and last teaser, which is probably the most vague one of them all, because they simply tell us that Quinn is going to investigate. You can tell that they definitely don't want to give anything away as they didn't elaborate on this one ,at all, so we don't know what Quinn will be investigating, or if he'll be successful in his attempts locating some additional intel.

Right now, we just know that he's going to get out there and put in some work.

Got to wait til February 12th for this one

Ok, so that will wrap up this little spoiler teaser session. You'll definitely want to be sure to check out the show's official Youtube channel after episode 3 airs ,tonight, because they are definitely dropping three new spoiler clips for you guys on there, and they'll surely reveal some extra intel on episode 4. Additionally, we've been informed that episode 4 will not be airing next Sunday, but the Sunday after next on February 12th,2017 at 8pm eastern standard time, so be sure to make note of that, and stay tuned.