Homeland season 6 might bring back the most fearless and bright kid back onboard. It will also have no place for Peter Quinn as a strong-headed and courageous officer. The Brody family, which was left behind after the death of Nicholas Brody, will soon be back with Dana Brody’s entry in Langley. The show’s co-creator and runner, Alex Gansa teased on the possibility of Brody’s daughter Dana Brody joining Carrie Mathison, replacing Quinn.

Interesting plot twist

In conversation with the Sioux City Journal, Gansa said that he is still interested in the Brody family and might bring back a crucial character.

He further teased the idea of Dana joining as a CIA officer. She was last seen in Homeland Season 3 Episode 9 with Nicholas Brody at the motel, where she asked her father to just leave if he wants her to believe his innocence. With Dana Brody’s return to the show at Langley, Rupert Friend’s character Peter Quinn might be demoted just as a guest starring character but there is still good news.

Peter Quinn’s return

Rupert Friend’s character Quinn is so much loved that fans demand his return from time to time via social media platforms. The “Homeland” executive producer, Howard Gordon relieved fans by revealing that Peter Quinn will return but he will not be the same person. He emphasized the fact that the character is fatally injured and might not be a fit to carry on with action-adventure life.

Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn’s marriage

Interestingly, Dana Brody’s return to Homeland season 6 might take the burden off Quinn’s character. He can carry on with normal life, and will reportedly get married to Claire Danes' character Carrie Mathison. Carrie and Peter Quinn’s romance failed to bloom after their one kiss but they proved to be the best partners in times of crisis.

Quinn was even the one who had asked Carrie to bring Brody’s child in the world.

The kids

Carrie Mathison took her time and excuses in being a mother but she finally kept her daughter close to herself. Quinn even has a son from his previous relationship. Carrie and Quinn can finally try to give their children a normal life and parents. However, the last shot from the Season 5 final episode still has fans in doubt over Carrie’s intentions. Homeland season 6 is all set to premiere in October 2016.