Hey, "Blindspot" fans. It's that time ,again, to deliver some new spoiler reveals. We we're able to get our hands on the official NBC press release for the upcoming episode 13 of season 2. We've got some very interesting stuff going on with this one as a major development goes down in reference to the Sandstorm debacle when true identities are exposed, leading to the discovery of new connections, and more.

"Name Not One Man" is the label

Their press release also gave us the title for this one. It turns out that someone tossed out the idea of calling it: "Name Not One Man," and they said, "Yeah, that sounds good." So, that's what we have as a title, guys.

It sounds like a pretty interesting title for the most part, I guess.

Very important details shine new light

Anyways, getting into this official plotline reveal, they definitely made sure to put in all caps that Weller is going to discover what his connection is to Sandstorm. After that, they go on to elaborate that we're going to see the team come across some new, very vital intel that reveals what Shepherd's true identity actually is. This fact will also bring to light that she has a connection to Weller that actually spans over a few, freaking decades! All these facts will apparently give them this major break in the Sandstorm case.

They didn't delve into how Shepherd and Weller will react to his new connection that they have discovered, so it's going to be interesting to see what ultimately happens with that.

We're also going to have to wait for the episode to air to see just what is Shepherd's true identity. That'll be another thing that really keeps us intrigued.

Not until February 8th, sorry

Alright, ladies and gents. That's going to be all we've got for this installment, because NBC was real stingy with the intel this week, giving us that one and only plotline scoop in their official synopsis.

But hey guys, be sure to look out for a new promo clip to drop for this one after episode 12 airs tonight. Also, the press release let us know that the show is going on yet another break for a few weeks, so we're going to have to wait until Wednesday night, February 8th, 2017 to finally see the new episode 13, so be sure to make note of that date on your TV calendars. Tell all your friends about it, and stay tuned.