The People’s Choice Awards covers a large variety of TV series in a lot of genres and a lot of platforms (network, cable, and premium.) Without further adieu, here are some predictions of which may win.

For best TV series, the tossup is between “The Big Bang Theory” and “Outlander.” The former is a laugh out loud comedy that had lasted as long as it has because it has heart behind it. The latter is a lush, time travel romantic fantasy with plenty of action and a great deal of sex.

For best network TV comedy, it has to be “The Big Bang Theory” for reasons stated above.

For best cable TV comedy, the selection is dealer’s choice. This writer has not seen any of the nominees.

For best network TV drama, we choose “Empire,” which is a retelling of “The Lion in Winter” set in a modern, hip hop music company.

The best cable TV drama, the winner is “The Americans,” the Cold War era story of a couple who spies together and stays together while working for the KGB to undermine American democracy and bring about a long night of tyranny.

The best TV crime drama has to be “The Blacklist.” Who cannot but love James Spader’s portrayal of Raymond Reddington, the bon vivant criminal who uses the FBI to get rid of his rivals and has a soft spot for one of the female agents?

The best premium TV drama is far and away “House of Cards.” If you’re afraid of Donald Trump, you can at least take comfort in the fact that Frank Underwood is not president of the United States.

The best premium TV comedy series is “Veep.” Unfortunately, the series about a bitchy, foul mouth female politician who rises to become president of the United States will not have as much resonance now that the real life version, Hillary Clinton, has been denied the prize.

The best network TV sci-fi/fantasy series has to be “Once Upon a Time.” Any show that has Robin Hood meeting the Evil Queen and falling in love is worth seeing.

The best cable TV sci-fi/fantasy series is, by default, “The Walking Dead.” Sure it’s depressing and horrible, but with Negan as the current Big Bad, it’s worth watching for the shock value.

The obvious selection for best premium TV sci-fi/fantasy series would be “Game of Thrones.” But instead, let’s go with “Outlander.” It has lots of the same sex and violence with swords, but not a great a body count except for the Battle of Culloden.

The best competition TV show should be “Masterchef” since food is better than singing and dancing, but likely will be either “The Voice” or “Dancing with the Stars.”

The best animated TV show is “South Park, ” and it’s not even close.

The best new TV comedy could be any of them, but the quirkiest one is “Son of Zorn,” so we’ll go with that.

Finally, the best new TV drama is “Timeless” because there haven’t been any memorable time travel TV shows since “Time Tunnel,” which aired 50 years ago.

Which will win? Likely those reading this will already know.