"Doctor Who" fans got a special holiday treat in the Christmas special "The Return of Doctor Mysterio." It brought back Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Matt Lucas as Nardole. Lucas has delighted British audiences for years in comedies like "Shawn of the Dead" and "Little Britain." But it's not all wigs and giggles for Lucas. The funnyman is dealing with a health issue that is no joke. After enjoying weight loss a few years ago, Lucas confided that obesity still stalks him, why it's so problematic and what he might try.

Matt Lucas struggles against American diet

Weight-related health problems are big in the UK (pun intended). But in the US, obesity is an epidemic that threatens to drown the country in fat. More people are getting lap band surgeries than ever. Lucas moved to the states in 2011 and is having a dickens of a time dealing with the constant food availability. In England, food choices are more limited but on the American diet anything goes, 24-7. Restaurants line streets, fast food joints abound, and TV commercials bombard with food advertising. It's creating health problems at both ends of the spectrum, from eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia to obesity.

Matt Lucas debates gastric bypass surgery

Obesity is so rampant that the doctor from Britain's "Supersize vs. Superskinny" came to the states to study it. The fact that TLC's show "My 600-lb Life" exists underscores America's weight problem. But along with obesity, weight loss surgery options are more available, too. Lucas is debating getting bariatric surgery to control his eating habits.

And it's none too soon. His dad died of weight-related problems. He did lose two stone (28 pounds) several years ago after his doctors scared him skinnier. But the US move has derailed that.

Matt Lucas could look to Rebel Wilson for help

Why Rebel Wilson? Well, the "Bridesmaids" co-stars were roommates in the past and are still friends.

Wilson famously shed jaw-dropping weight not too long ago. The "Pitch Perfect" actress has continued her forward weight loss trajectory despite a lot of negativity. The Australian comedienne has gone trans-Atlantic and knows the pitfalls. She also knows how it is to be typecast as the "fat actress" and the struggle to get outside that stereotype. Rebel shared important tips about moderating diet that could help Lucas avoid gastric bypass surgery, or manage his food intake afterward.