Mariah Carey isn't going down without a fight after her epic New Year's Eve lip sync fail. The Reality TV star blamed everyone when the show didn't go on in Time Square. The diva accuses the tech crew and even Dick Clark Productions of sabotaging her "Rockin' Eve" performance--claims which DCP calls "absurd." Some speculate that drug use was related. Regardless, Carey's lawyered-up and promises to uncover the "foul play" behind this debacle.

Mariah Carey drops the ball at ball drop

Carey planned to perform a three-song set which included her 1991 hit "Emotions" for the iconic Dick Clark New Year's Eve ball drop.

But it was the diva who dropped the ball in Times Square after being evidently unable to hear the music. The singer faulted her headset, the technical crew and the entire production company. The reality TV show star of "Mariah's World" even shouted at the audience when the malfunction occurred. The viral video shows her storming offstage, leaving her baffled backup dancers to collect the feathers and scurry after her.

Mariah Carey planned to lip sync NYE show?

The problems in Times Square seem to stem from Carey's intention to lip sync her performance. Without the background music, she would have had to perform it live and was possibly unprepared to do so. Her lawyer says these claims just add insult to injury.

But the reality television star herself verified the plan after the music failed. She raged that she just wanted a holiday (from singing, presumably) and didn't see why she couldn't have it.

Mariah Carey pot use ruins performance?

Fox News speculated that marijuana was somehow related to Mariah's musical meltdown. Days before New Year's Eve, the singer was seen browsing in a head shop, The Original Leaf in Colorado.

Carey is making speculations of her own about how producers purposely sabotaged the show. Dick Clark Productions calls these accusations libelous. This isn't the first time that Mariah has felt persecuted. She left a stint as judge on "American Idol" because the show was "abusive" to her."