"The Bachelor" Nick Viall promised viewers a happy ending this season, but one of his contestants, Liz Sandoz, won't be part of that. Although Liz and Nick admitted to hooking up after Jade and Tanner Tolbert's wedding last year, if she was hoping to rekindle the romance with Nick by coming on "The Bachelor," she blows her chance during the second episode of the season that airs Monday, January 9.

On the season premiere, Nick seemed a bit surprised that Liz was one of the 30 contestants to step out of limos at the Bachelor mansion. After an awkward conversation during the cocktail ceremony, Liz seemed to question whether she should have taken his number after they had sex after the wedding, and if being on the show was the wrong decision.

Although Nick gave Liz a rose during the first rose ceremony, her actions during the week 2 group date won't fare well for the 29-year-old doula from Las Vegas.

Gossip girl

Although Liz keeps her one-night stand a secret during the filming of the premiere, she decides to talk to another contestant, Christen, that she had sex with Nick at a group date after-party. And if you think Christen is going to keep that info a secret, think again. Spoilers indicate that Christen goes right to Nick and tells him that Liz was spreading the word about their fling. It wasn't a big risk for Christen to say something to Nick because he already gave her the group date rose, but Nick didn't appreciate Liz telling the girls about their sexy secret — probably because he didn't want to tarnish the image he spent an entire season on "Bachelor in Paradise" trying to repair.

No more sexy nights with Nick

Unfortunately for Liz, her time on "The Bachelor" is brief, due in part to her sharing the details about her night with Nick with some of the other contestants. According to Reality Steve, Nick pulls Liz aside at some point before the rose ceremony and sends her home. Whether Liz Sandoz is one of the girls from Nick's season producers ask to appear on "Bachelor in Paradise" this Summer is unknown, but she certainly would have a lot to talk about with the other girls, especially if Jen Saviano returns for another season.

Watch the second episode of "The Bachelor" on Monday, January 9 at 8 p.m. on ABC.