People who love a good romance have been waiting to see "Love Locks" starring actor Jerry O'Connell with his actress wife Rebecca Romijn. The wait will be over on Saturday, January 28, when the two-hour movie premieres on the Hallmark Channel. The film is just one of Hallmark movies leading up to Valentine's Day. O'Connell and Romijn filmed the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in Paris, which is one of the most romantic places in the world.

About 'Love Locks'

The husband and wife stars have the roles of lovers in the movie. Jack Burrows, played by O'Connell dated Lindsay Phillips, played by Romijn, when she was studying art in France.

Lindsay returned to her home in New York and becomes an editor of a successful art magazine. Twenty years later, she returns to Paris with her teenage daughter so Alexa can enroll in the same art school that Lindsay graduated from. Lindsay unexpectedly runs into her old boyfriend who is now a hotelier. The two lovers pick up where they left off twenty years ago.

Watch to see what will happen when the two lovers reconnect after two decades. How will the story end when Lindsay and her college boyfriend reconnect? What major events took place in their lives during the time they were separated?

Explanation of the movie title

"Love Locks" is a beautiful love story. Its title comes from the custom of lovers writing their names on padlocks and attaching the locks to a bridge and then throwing the key into the river as a symbol of eternal love.

When viewers watch the movie, they will be able understand how the title relates to the story.

The stars in real life

Because O'Connell, 42, and Romijn, 44, are husband and wife in real life, it will be interesting to see how they relate to each other on the screen. Both of them are seasoned actors who have been married since July 14, 2007.

They are proud parents of twin girls. Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell, were born on December 28, 2008. Dolly is named after singer Dolly Parton and Charlie is named after O'Connell's brother. Notice that both girls have the name of a flower in their names.