The CW served up its winter season lineup in a four-course dish with a “Heroes vs. Aliens crossover event in preparation to introduce "Archie” on the small screen. "Heroes vs. Aliens" teamed up “The Flash," “Arrow,” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow” with its fall season coup of “The Adventures of Supergirl” to join its season round-up. The highly touted “Supergirl” was packaged in a deal with CBS to air on the CW's comic and heroes lineup with the "Archie" series as the next confection to debut.

Crossover sets tone for 'Archie'

Archie” retells the iconic Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead story in the 21st century setting of Riverdale -- but told as a teen drama in the vein of “Twin Peaks." Writer Greg Berlanti executive produces the series’ slick Americana feel along with writer and executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacas, and together on “Supergirl” as it airs its second season in the CW superheroes lineup.

Teen drama and angst are the drivers of the series following the Heroes and Aliens story line in the CW hero worlds of Central, National, and Star cities that unite Kara, Barry, and Ollie with Team DC Legends to thwart an alien siege.

“Arrow” returned in its winter season premiere reviving Laura Lance from a parallel "Arrow universe" with a teaser that a bigger, badder siren than herself is coming as the Black Canary. The series plans to add more action back into the mix as it continues in its Wednesday slate with “DC Legends” traveling from its Thursday slot to queue after “The Flash” on Tuesdays.

Queue up to 'Riverdale'

The CW introduced peeks of the teen soap during its regular Monday to Thursday hero series lineup.

It paired the airings with a pulp-style trailer that sees a seemingly down home and apple pie town on the surface. Aguirre-Sacas has reinvented the 75-year-old comic “Archie,” making Veronica rich and wryer, Jughead darker and moodier, and Archie coming of age. The teen series will also feature appearances by famed actors Luke Perry ("90210") and Mädchen Amick ("Twin Peaks").

The CW plans to reach a tween and millennial audience through the wide-eyed Archie. Its winter "Archie" series launches high school angst to the next level with “Riverdale." Watch the season premiere, January 26, 2017 following “Supernatural” on the CW.