Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Steffy reassured Liam that she wants to be with him for the rest of their lives. Liam tried to encourage her to stay and move back in, but Steffy felt that she should have been more sensitive to Wyatt. He reminded her again that Quinn, Eric and Wyatt were trying to get her on their side. He admitted that he couldn't compete with what they were offering her, but Steffy confirmed that he gives her what no one else does. They then made love.

Ridge is focused on executing his plan

While getting a massage at home from Ridge, Brooke told him that she was going to see Hope in Italy tomorrow.

She seemed confident in his ability to get rid of Quinn. "I don't want this thing with Quinn to go on forever," she said, but Ridge promised her that he is doing what he has to do.

In a twisted way, Ridge appeared to be dropping hints to her and she is yet to realize what his full intentions are, or what has been going on between he and Quinn. "Quinn does things to me that no one else ever has," he told her. He went on to rant about Quinn, which made Brooke a little nervous. She then offered him a massage and took him to bed, where they made love.

The Fuller pity party

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Wyatt were feeling disappointed that Steffy turned them down. However, Quinn felt that once Steffy took the time to think about their offer, she might change her mind.

Wyatt pleaded with his mother to stop trying to make him feel better and "bolster his spirits." He appeared to be feeling sorry for himself. At that moment, he figured that Steffy was probably over at Liam's. He was doubtful of ever getting back together with her, while Quinn was saddened by her son's grief.

Wyatt poured himself and his mother a drink.

She then got a text from Ridge that he wanted to meet her tomorrow. Wyatt instinctively cautions her. "You never know what people might be saying," he said, alluding to all of the one-on-one meetings she had been having with Ridge lately.

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