Baby number two will be here shortly for Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben. She is due in February and they are both getting quite excited about having another little one to add to their growing family. The new parents are not the only ones who are anticipating this new bundle of joy. The whole Duggar clan, along with their extended family and friends, got together to help Ben and Jessa celebrate with another baby shower. Only this time it was a little different than the first one she had when she was pregnant with Spurgeon, and US Weekly had a few details to share.

A whole lot of gift giving, but with a twist

Yes, there were quite a few gifts that were brought to the baby shower in honor of Jessa, but there was a different twist to it. These baby items that were brought to the party by the guests are not for baby Seewald. They will all be donated to the Loving Choices Pregnancy Center. There were plenty of diapers and other baby items that the organization will be thrilled to receive. The guests put together care packages to add to the gifts as well.

Of course, there was plenty of food to go around as well. The snacks included veggies, a tray full of meats and cheeses, yummy lemon orzo soup, and a dessert bar featuring cookies and milk. There was a huge decorated cookie that Jessa was seen holding instead of a traditional cake.

TLC Network released a short clip of the Seewald baby shower, and it looked like everyone had a wonderful time.

Is Jessa having a boy or a girl?

It is a secret right now as to what gender this second Seewald baby is, but one thing is for sure, many of the Duggar family members are hoping that this one will be a little girl.

Jessa and Ben already have a boy, 14-month-old Spurgeon. He is a cutie with plenty of adorable curls. The Duggar siblings think that he will be an awesome big brother, but will probably have to get used to not being the only kid in the house.

Jessa Seewald may or may not have 19 kids like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but she and Ben are well on their way to achieving that number.

In fact, they are planning on adopting kids in addition to having their own. It will be interesting to see what happens in their future.

Be sure to catch another season of “Counting On” on TLC beginning on Monday, January 16. There is expected to be new adventures for Jinger as a newlywed, Joy’s new courtship with Austin Forsyth, and of course, Jessa’s second pregnancy experience. What are you most excited about seeing this season?