The X-Men are some of my favorite characters, and many average viewers/fans have also made them their favorite characters. This is in large part due to the success of Fox’s X-Men franchise, with everyone now seeming to at least know one or two of the ragtag mutant group. Whether you are a long time fan or newer to the fold, a door has opened at Fox for a new television series.

Comic book-based TV shows for everyone

Fox has had some success with comic book-related material recently. With shows like “Gotham” and “Lucifer” holding strong and steady for them, it comes as no surprise that they would be interested in exploring other options in the genre.

Plus, with Fox owning the production rights to the X-Men, honestly this seemed to be a no-brainer.

Many of the details are lacking at best, but “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix seems to feel the show is inching toward at least a pilot order. With this echoed by Fox chairman Gary Newman, fan anticipation of a “good” live action X-Men television show only solidifies; in addition to this, the show is already preforming exploratory casting. All things effectively give fans enough hope that the pilot script is going to be finished soon and production ramped up.

Will there be known X-Men characters in the show?

Even though it does not have a name yet, we at least have some very loose details concerning the show's plot.

In a world where the X-Men exist, the show will follow two parents who discover their children have mutant powers. Being forced to run from the government (as one does when they have kids with powers), the family will join up with an underground network of mutants and fight to survive. Even without acknowledgment of who the mutants may be, what other mutants we are going to see, and exactly what they are trying to survive, it sounds like a great plot we will anxiously want to know more about.

Fox recently revealed that they had plans to green light a pilot for "Black Lightning," another comic book franchise, as well. So it would be safe to assume Fox is looking to enjoy some of the success The CW is getting with their plethora of comic book shows. For those of you worried about this potential pilot interfering with DC/Warner’s “Black Lightning” pilot, Fox entertainment president David Madden has expressed that there is no reason that both of these shows couldn't coexist. At least for now, it would seem Fox is highly interested in exploring their comic book/television opportunities without limitations.