Though MTV is keeping many of the secrets about the final season of “Teen Wolf” close to the vest (not even allowing the press to screen some episodes), the network has released two clips from the upcoming episode “Blitzkrieg” to whet your werewolf-sized appetite.

Where ‘Teen Wolf’ last left us

Teen Wolf” has seen Scott, Malia, and Lydia trying their hardest to get people to remember Stiles over the last few weeks, all while they also tried to find a way to stop the Ghost Riders. Now, they’ve got a pair of unlikely new allies who might be helping them go up against the Ghost Riders...or not.

Corey’s relic

Mr. Douglas might have seemed to be an ally before he made Corey vanish with the crack of a Ghost Rider’s whip in last week’s episode, but the group won’t have forgotten their friend as quickly as they have others in the past. As it turns out, Mason already has Corey’s relic, making it a safe bet he’s going to be even more motivated to get into that magical train station where Stiles has been holed up.

Given that both Mason and Hayden seem to remember Corey pretty clearly, it’s likely his phone makes an appearance pretty early on in the episode. Either that, or the “super power” Mason has of being able to see Corey when he’s camouflaged extends to Corey’s belongings as well, which would be sweet.

The real Mr. Douglas

Now that we’re all aware that Mr. Douglas is a bloodthirsty werewolf who can bite into people’s skulls, and that he’s the one who escaped from the Dredd Doctor’s tank at the end of season five, it’s about time we got to know more about the newest addition to the Beacon Hills teaching staff. We’ll definitely be getting that.

It looks like Mr. Douglas was already a werewolf way back in World War II, even before the Doctors got ahold of him. He was also well versed in the story of the Wild Hunt and wanted to harness the Ghost Riders’ abilities. What does he want with them 70 years later?

Theo might just hold the key, as he’s expected to work with Scott’s pack to reveal what Mr.

Douglas’ real plan is while the group prepares to find a way into the train station. But can they trust him?

Teen Wolf” airs Tuesdays at 9PM on MTV. You can catch “Blitzkrieg” this Tuesday, January 17.