“General Hospital” spoilers for January 23-27 say Jason is stunned when he finds out his wife and almost-wife are working together. Sam and Elizabeth meet up to discuss the Tom murder case and pledge to follow the evidence even if it convicts Alexis or Franco.

Lots of questions to be asked

Sam finds Julian at her mom’s and Alexis breaks down and confesses to boozing, running over her dad, and maybe knifing the rapist. Sam’s not happy. Elizabeth goes on a serial killer scavenger hunt that takes her all over town and ends with Franco’s bloody phone.

Brad and Hayden question Finn on doping with Zen Zen. Dante and Nathan get closer to a suspect but for which murder? Drunk Griffin is destined for a date with Olivia. Carly is back, takes a roll in the hay with Sonny then wonders if he can change. Duh, Carly, no he can’t.

Where’s Waldo (aka Franco)?

Kiki and Dillon join the reformed serial killer hunt and Elizabeth invites Scotty to join their reindeer games but it will be the cute nurse that finds Franco and rushes him to GH for that nasty head wound.

But first, Franco faces consequences when we find out who kidnapped him.

Anna gets back more memories and realizes Valentin was the hunchback of the WSB academy (side note – James PaStu is killing it in these scenes) and she was the mean girl who refused to smooch him behind the bleachers. Nina won’t like this unrequited love thing one bit.

Daddy issues galore

Lulu freaks out Charlotte with untimely truth and the kid locks Lulu in the closet. Lulu pulls a Breakfast Club and climbs into the ceiling then drops into the Naxie wedding reception. Since Emme Rylan is pregnant, here’s hoping she didn’t do the stunt herself.

Nelle and Mikey get closer but let’s not hope too close since “GH” rumors persist that she’s his secret sister.

Sonny decides Nelle is up to something (duh) and offers her some “advice”. Mikey and Nelle encourage Josslyn to accept the CarSon reconciliation. Aww…

Elsewhere in Port Charles…

Alexis battles the wine bottle and gets a new sponsor that’s shady, Julian tries blackmail, Olivia Jerome exudes evil talking to her creepy Duke shrine, Sam finds a big clue, Kiki and Dillon are spotted smooching by Carly who gives her blessing. Also, Jason gets sick - is it bad sushi or a mob hit gone wrong?.

Nina tells Valentin that Lulu spilled the beans and he’s angry that bio-mom traumatized his kid.

Jordan and Curtis conveniently have car trouble and have to stay at a hotel together. Andre will be traumatized as the inevitable horizontal mambo between Jordan and Curtis occurs.

Five new 'GH' this week - finally!

Incredibly, “General Hospital” this week is a full five days of shows! If you don’t know Olivia Jerome’s tortured history, this quick Jerome primer will catch you up in five minutes plus Bryan Craig hopes for an occasional cameo – will the ABC soap let him drop in now and then?

Monday 1/23/17 "GH" preview: