The new official saga of Akira Toriyama has its release date and a synopsis. But what remains unclear is how the contenders are going to be selected. No one knows with any certainty why Gohan decides to join the list of those who will represent Universe 7 in the battles, putting his academic dreams aside, or how Android 17 will enter the scene. We also don’t know why Monaka is not between the chosen ones to fight, or why there aren’t any other strong warriors in Universe 7 aside from those who live on Earth. Has the lie Beerus created about Monaka come to an end?

It would be interesting to analyze how Majin Buu ended up again on Earth’s team after being defeated at the beginning of the Tournament of the 6th and 7th universes. Perhaps this time there are no written examinations in the Zeno’s tournament? Let’s remember that in the last tournament it was Vegeta’s idea to put this kind of examination as a filter for warriors, and if it weren’t for this test, Majin Buu may have had a significant role because of his fighting potential.

We believe that this time Akira Toriyama may give him a relevant role in this new tournament, as had happened before in "Dragon Ball Z." Perhaps this role has something to do with what happened in the battle between #Goku and Uub.

The truth is that with the appearance of villains of such power and the arrival of the Gods of destruction to the series, Majin Buu’s role has been put aside and his resurrection is starting to look quite disappointing. We expect that this time, after what happened at the end of "Dragon Ball Z," Toriyama will give him a relevant role, showing him as a powerful character once more.

We are confident that this time he will be given the chance to be of real importance in the tournament.

Other characters to mention

We believe that it is interesting to highlight the role of Android 17, who was working as a Ranger in the mountains, and that according to Toriyama, has also formed a family. Will we be able to see all of this at the beginning of the saga?

We believe that it would be interesting if it begins slowly, introducing each of the characters that will eventually join Universe 7’s team, and the reasons why they decide to participate in the Tournament. It would also be interesting to see why warriors such as Trunks, Goten and Yamcha were not chosen to fight.