"Degrassi: Next Class" ended on a huge cliffhanger at the end of Season 2. Just as things seemed to be working out for some of the show's main characters, it was revealed that six students were involved in a bus crash. We also saw Grace tell Zig that she has feelings for him, Zoe came out to Winston as gay, Yael and Hunter got together, and Lola gave Shay her blessing to date Tiny. So, based on the information we've been given and the nature of the show, here are some possible predictions for Season 3.

Everyone survives the bus crash

"Degrassi" already doesn't have enough characters as it is.

Therefore, it would make absolutely no sense for them to lose anyone else. "Degrassi" also isn't known for needlessly killing off cast members. All of the past deaths on the show have had serious lessons that the writers wanted the audience to learn. Plus, the official promo for Season 3 implied that everyone in the bus crash survived.

Esme breaks some hearts

A lot of possible relationships were hinted at during Season 2. When Zoe and Esme fought each other for the same role in a play, they shared a kiss. Sadly, it was clear that the kiss meant more to Zoe. And it's no secret that Esme is a wild card and certified manipulator. It's very well possible that in this next season, Esme could find herself bored and decide to start "dating" Zoe just to mess with her emotions.

Zig also made it clear that he wants to rebound from Maya with Esme. Esme, however, just seems like she wants to have fun. After Miles officially dumped her to better himself (and get back with Tristan), Esme hasn't seemed to like anyone else that intensely. Maybe she'll make Zig her next conquest?

A new couple doesn't last

Two couples seem to finally have their happy ending at the end of Season 2.

Yael and Hunter officially get together, and although Tiny was involved in the bus crash, it can be assumed that he and Shay will start dating as soon as he returns. But how long will these happy couples stay happy? If there's one thing that "Degrassi" loves, it's breaking up relationships for no reason.

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