Denzel Washington is getting showered with Golden Globe Award nominations for his performance in "Fences." The versatile Washington proves not only his acting talent, but also a gift for making himself over for roles. For the part of Troy Maxson, Denzel lost weight and aged himself to look a decade older. What's the secret to the actor's weight loss and remarkable transformation?

Denzel Washington steps outside comfort zone

Many actors have changed their looks for roles. Johnny Depp is the classic example. The modern-day "man of a thousand faces" uses makeup and costuming to create so many different personas that most folks don't even realize it's him.

Liam Neeson, Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield lost weight to portray starved Jesuit priests in Martin Scosese's film "Silence." Lily Collins got scary skinny for the role of a girl with anorexia. But Denzel always seems to be himself. He morphs characters to his style rather than himself for roles. He's always the good guy, the hero, and if not, as in "Training Day," the very sexy bad guy.

Denzel Washington becomes Troy Maxson

So "Fences" is a bit of a departure. Maybe it's a tribute to the importance of August Wilson's play, that Denzel's adapted to the part. At 62, the "Sexiest Man Alive" (1996 and 2012) has started to age. In "Fences" he's embraced the grizzled, gray hair and beard. As a sanitation worker and ex-baseball player, Troy Maxson is fit, but Denzel developed the lean, wiry look of older men who maintain their physique.

His jaw is padded to make him sound and look like an elderly man.

Denzel Washington works the yo-yo

This isn't the first time the actor has shed or put on pounds for a part. In "Remember the Titans" he had to beef up for coach Herman Boon. Then he had to buff up for "Training Day." Washington had a few quiet years of late, and gained a lot in that time.

He admitted in 2013 to weight gain and having to constantly outrun obesity. At one point he weighed 247 pounds which defined the Oscar-winning actor as obese on the BMI scale. He quipped that ice cream is his nemesis. But with age comes forgiveness of weight, at least in men. His "Fences" co-star Viola Davis has battled the scale and come to terms with it too.