The episode begins with Maya practicing a song for an audition she has the next day. She gets distracted by a video of the bus crash she and other students were involved in. Maya starts spiraling, and before she knows it, she's spent the whole night watching different disaster videos.

Frankie battles with trust

Frankie is getting driving lessons from Jonah when he starts laughing at a text from Grace. Intrigued, Frankie tries to see the text, but Jonah spazzes out. Things get awkward and Frankie starts to worry that Jonah has feelings for Grace. She asks Shay and Lola if girls and guys can be just friends, and they give her different answers.

Eventually, Frankie gets Jonah's social media passwords from Hunter and debates whether she should read his messages. She decides to and sees that Jonah told Grace that she's immature. This distracts her from her driving exam and causes her to perform poorly.

Lola convinces Frankie that Jonah called her immature, because they've yet to have sex. Frankie and Jonah eventually reconcile and she questions whether or not to sleep with him.

Rasha vs. gender roles

Rasha unknowingly auditions for a male role in the school play that Miles has written. Rasha confronts Miles about the mistake and eventually decides that she still wants the role she auditioned for, despite her being a girl. She re-auditions, but Miles decides to give the main role to himself since no one will better portray his own emotions than him.

However, he offers Rasha the role of "coma boy" and she accepts.

Maya enters the darkness

Maya starts hanging out with Saad after she catches him taking photos of her and Grace. The two bond over their dark interests and unfortunate circumstances. Maya explains how people continue to die around her. Saad then starts taking pictures of Maya in poses that make her look dead.

Maya does well on her college audition, but the judges tell her that she needs to continue writing despite her being creatively blocked. This discourages her, and eventually causes her to give up, and take more pictures with Saad instead.