It's been five years since "The Bachelor" contestant Danielle Maltby's fiancé, Nick Haag, passed away. Although the 31-year-old model and former neonatal nurse had a great time with Nick Viall during their one-on-one date, it was clear that sharing the story of her Haag's death was painful to share.

And there are just a few things that may have made her story even more upsetting — not only did her fiancé share the first name as Nick Viall, Haag died in the same town that "The Bachelor" grew up in — Waukesha, Wisconsin. Danielle grew up in Waukesha and Nick Haag, a talented musician who previously lived in Nashville, moved to the small Wisconsin town to live with her.

According to OK! Here's the Situation, Nick died of a drug overdose in 2011, just three months after he proposed to Danielle. Sadly, she had no idea that her husband-to-be was an addict and she found him dead in the home they shared.

Danielle tries to heal

In her ABC bio, Danielle explains that after Nick Haag's death, she moved to Nashville to help her heal from the devastating loss. Perhaps she thought going back to the place Haag grew up would give her some closure. Five years have passed and although she has suffered a huge loss at a young age, it looks like she spent some time giving back to those who need her help by working as a neonatal nurse, something "Bachelor" fans saw in her intro video on the season premiere.

According to her Facebook bio, she no longer works as a nurse and is currently working as a model.

Moving on

There's never a right time to move on after the death of a loved one, but Maltby is giving it shot. Although competing with 29 other single ladies for Nick Viall's heart isn't an easy task, they seemed to make a great connection during the Week 2 one-on-one date.

More roses for Danielle

[Spoilers ahead] Maltby will go far this season although two dates will be particularly tough for her. During Week 4, the girls will visit Nick Viall's hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin — the very place where Nick Haag died. However, there will be lots of positive vibes in a place that brought her sadness — she'll be in the town she grew up in and Nick will give her yet another rose.

Unfortunately, Reality Steve's "The Bachelor" spoilers indicate that she won't make it back to her hometown again with Nick Viall — he sends her home during a one-on-one date on Episode 7, one week before his final four girls go on hometown dates.