The episode opens with Esme and Zig kissing, officially confirming their dating status. We learn that the couple hung out all Summer and began a sexual relationship. Esme convinces Zig to disobey Tiny and skip math class. They end up having oral sex in the school parking lot.

Esme gets slut-shamed

When Zig's friends learned that he skipped class to get oral sex from Esme, they claim she's dirty and urge him to stay away from her. Zig decides to take their advice and attempts to avoid her. However, his plan fails quickly. Esme finds him studying and convinces him to let her help.

He agrees, but things go bad when Esme sees the texts between him and his friends. She confronts him about the things they've said about her and Zig accidently insults her. Esme lashes out and makes a scene. The two make up later on and Zig changes his mind about taking other people's advice. They start officially dating.

Yael needs a change?

The gaming club has started a YouTube channel and they need a way to pull in female viewers. Yael gets stuck having to do makeup tutorials and Lola gets hired as her consultant. After a makeover and a failed video, Yael starts spazzing out and insults girls who enjoy makeup and fashion. This lands her in hot water with Frankie and Lola when she posts her rant to YouTube.

She apologizes later on and Lola replaces her as the makeup vlogger. Hunter tells her that she likes her just the way she is, but she questions that when he starts showing interest in Lola.

Maya off the wagon

Maya's having trouble getting back to normal because of the bus crash. She's falling behind in school and is unable to write new lyrics, when Jonah and Grace ask her to.

Frankie and Shay offer to console her, but she denies their help. She visits her school counselor but doesn't seem to get what she wants. Later on, Zig asks her for advice about Esme and she instructs him to not listen to what other people think. The episode ends with Maya in the bathtub, clearly still upset about her life.