A month after its first teaser went online, the second international trailer for Paramount and The Montecito Picture Company’s feature film remake of “Baywatch” has hit. While the previous trailer plays up the more unabashedly adult-rated nature of the movie, the new one ups the number of digs at the writing and visual conventions of the original long-running TV series it’s based on, along with additional little spoilers on the overall narrative, including scenes showing the characters outside of the beach and their lifeguard swimsuits. Constant throughout the trailers, of course, is the updated fan-service with contemporary major American and international stars.

Some of the featured scenes and audio are retreated from the original trailer, such as the voiceover narration by #Dwayne Johnson as David Hasselhoff’s character Mitch Buchannon, leader of the viewpoint unit of the Los Angeles County Lifeguard, the burning boat rescue scene and #Zac Efron as Olympian-turned newbie lifeguard Matt Brody jumping off a motorcycle on a boardwalk and diving straight into the water.

But now there are added vignettes of what these two do outside of lifeguard duty, such as when they participate in a beachside iron man competition with events like flipping monster truck tires and hauling a pair of refrigerators on a crossbar over their shoulders.

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Then we hear Johnson as Mitch intoning, “There’s more to this job than just swimming”, and we go into uncharted territory.

The teasing frame of Bollywood hottie #Priyanka Chopra is expounded upon this time around. It seems she’s Victoria Leeds, the new owner of a beach club covered by Mitch’s team, and while she comes off as personable in her introduction, even inviting the lifeguards to a party event, things are obviously not what they seem. Mitch quickly notes an increase in drug activity in the area after Leeds appeared, along with a murder or two (like seen in the first trailer).

This segment ends with Brody uttering another sendup to the original series by hanging a lampshade on how the plot they’ve stumbled upon would’ve been at home in a “really entertaining but far-fetched TV show”. I say ha-ha along with the repeat scene of two beachgoers noting how the lady lifeguards seem to run in slow-mo.

From there, it pretty much devolves into one action set-piece after another, and the whole plotline’s laid out in the end, punctuated by another R-rated line from Johnson.

Finally, the trailer closes on the argument with Mitch’s team and a police officer trying to remind them that they’re not cops empowered to investigate crimes on their beach. This is true by the way; LACL is a division of the LA County Fire Department. The more you know.

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“Baywatch” stars Johnson (who will also be in the upcoming "Fast 8: Fate of the Furious"), Efron, Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, and Ilfenesh Hadera, with promised cameos from Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Directed by Seth Gordon, it will be released on May 26, 2017.