Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke and Ridge told RJ that she is leaving to see Hope in Italy, and when she gets back, they'll get married. RJ questioned why they were waiting, but Ridge tried to appease his son with the fact that he first wants to get rid of Quinn.

At the office, Wyatt and Quinn were still licking their wounds about Steffy not returning to him. Quinn advised him to keep working on Steffy, and that he needs to be her champion. But there seemed to be no hope for Wyatt. He was still bogged down and left to go to a meeting with Steffy.

Bill finds out that Brooke is leaving for Italy

During his visit with Katie, she gushed to him about becoming Quinn and Eric's next door neighbor. She then cut to the chase and asked if he was still pining over Brooke. Bill was adamant that he is not giving up on her. Assuming that Bill was unaware, she told him that Brooke is leaving town for a while, to see Hope in Italy. Bill wondered why Katie told him, but there was a small, innocent smirk of satisfaction that she was the one who let him know. She then left.

Whiny Wyatt walks in on Liam and Steffy

When Wyatt entered Steffy's office unexpectedly while she and Liam were kissing, he seemed agitated. "Better don't do that here," he said. The Spencer brothers were having it out yet again.

Wyatt pointed out to Liam that he is only holding Steffy back from reaching her full potential. He then dismissed Liam for her and Steffy to discuss her product line. He asked her if she was at Liam's last night. Putting her on the spot, he pleaded with her that they are still husband and wife, and that doesn't have to change.

Ridge meets his target at the office

Ridge arrived to see Quinn and informed her about Brooke's departure to Italy.

She opened up to him that she was not feeling well today, because Wyatt had introduced her to tequila the night before. "What are you gonna do with yourself while Brooke is on her trip?" she asked. He replied that he can now focus on an idea that has been bouncing around in his head.

Liam confronts Quinn

Quinn was alone again when Liam barged in where she was working. He then unloaded on her. She said that Steffy could do so much more with Wyatt, and echoed Wyatt's words that he is always trying to hold her back. Ridge came back in when he heard all of the commotion. "Once and for all, you will be out, OUT of our lives," Liam exclaimed in anger.

Bill sees Brooke off

Bill went to see Brooke and told her that he is still waiting for her -- all she had to do was say the word, and he would clear his calendar for an entire month.

He offered to drive her to the airport, and told her to call him as soon as she is finished with her trip, to meet him. He reminded her that he loves her, and that Ridge will hurt her. "He will do something selfish...he will do something to betray you," he warned. Brooke was confident that Ridge is committed to her. Her taxi arrived, and before she left, he let her know that he won't give up on her.

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