"Days Of Our Lives" is set for action this week! As some story lines become more clear, others become even more complicated. With sightings of Stefano and Hope's future hanging in the balance, a group sets out to learn the truth.

The following contains spoilers. If you don't want to know, stop reading now.

Is Stefano an arms dealer?

Marlena, Rafe, Steve and Paul make it to Prague to begin their investigation. As the trail to Stefano becomes more complicated, Marlena realizes she is the key to getting to the truth! Out of nowhere pops Anna! She wants to help Marlena but takes a shot at someone thinking it is Stefano and it's not!

This lands them in jail. Austin and lawyer Carrie show up to get them freed only to have Anna disappear.

Back in Salem, Jade is pulling away from Joey. More info comes out about Valerie. Gabi questions Chad over his business with Dario.

Deimos proposes to Nicole! Can she finally find happiness? Of course not! Deimos has to do something stupid, like hire a hitman to take out an enemy, that will lead to murder charges. He also teams up with Andre for some shady business. JJ is investigating Eduardo in his new detective role. He calls up Gabi to say they need to meet to discuss something. She is curious and agrees. When he starts questioning her about dear old dad, she is appalled.Abigail and Chad try again to grow closer.

They have a much needed night out together while Jennifer gets some bonding time with Thomas. Chad is torn between his feelings for his wife and Gabi.

Hope is in trouble!

Hattie tries to help Hope by advising her on how to deal with Sheila and Coco. Hope, however, wants to do it her way. Hattie backs her up as Hope fights back.

An all-out war is declared in Statesville and Hope's life is in jeopardy. She manages to go on the run! Her family and friends are afraid for her safety because the police have been given permission to shoot on sight.

Chloe finally wakes up from her coma. She really wants to clear up the paternity of Holly but Nancy is still doing everything she can to protect that secret.