The 21st season of “The Bachelor” will soon air its third episode, and fans will be glued to their screens to see the latest developments in the “life”/competition between the remaining contestants and their current objective Nick Viall, himself a franchise “regular” prominent in “The Bachelorette” seasons 10 and 11, as well as “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3.

He’s been a contestant those past three times, though he never did luck out on finding love then. But now as the titular Bachelor, he’s the prize on the girls’ eyes, and he’s been quite forward too.

Not having found the right partner of love for himself hasn’t discouraged Viall from pursuing relationships that focused more on the…physical aspect.

A not-so-appreciated player

It’s no secret to franchise followers – and the curious – that Bachelor number 21 has gotten lucky and slept with several women connected to the show in some way, through all the years that he’s been involved. While it’s been reported that Viall’s set to find true love this time around, he’s still managed to find time to go on the prowl. Certainly, this aspect of him was blown wide open back in episode two (January 9 airing), when he made public to the girls that he was intimate with Elizabeth “Liz” Sandoz, one of the four eliminated then.

Let’s not forget to mention the friskiness on his part during his date with rose-awardee Corrine Olympios, whose own personality has established her to be the season’s villainess contestant.

Already his uninhibitedness has led to Viall being called out by another girl in the running, Vanessa Grimaldi, who after the Liz Sandoz reveal would pointedly question the Bachelor on this week’s ep, to quote: "Are you looking for a wife?

Or are you looking for someone to f-ck around with?" And she’s not the only one; only a few episodes in and some of the other contestants are showing signs of disillusionment with the guy they’re supposed to be (non-violently) fighting over. Descriptions given by these girls as said by an internal source from the show paint Viall as some sort of “sleazy”, “arrogant” “diva”, who constantly impresses upon the competitors how important a sex life is to him.

Excuse for wildness

There’s been some speculation going on regarding the reasons why Viall has been so open about his physical relationships. On “The Bachelorette” 10 with Andi Dorfmann, he came in second place and revealed on TV that they did. It was the same deal on the following season, with Kaitlyn Bristowe and him only to get dumped as a runner-up once more. During the filming of this season of “The Bachelor” late 2016, it’s been reported that he did make some conquests and some would comprise the final four. We’ll just have to see it play out on future episodes, every Monday 8 PM on ABC.