Many of us are familiar with “Celebrity Apprentice’s” catchphrase: “You’re fired!” It seems they should fire Arnold Schwarzenegger or the show in general after last night’s ratings. With President-elect Donald Trump stepping down and Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to fill in those rather large shoes, NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” premiered last night with a two-hour show that was down 44 percent in ratings compared to its opening in 2015.

NBC did point out that the show did have a lot of competition to compete with since the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl were being covered last night which would have brought in many male viewers.

NBC's new game show "The Wall" also brought their A game and honed in 4.54 million viewers as well. Apprentice’s premiere brought in 4.9 million viewers and a 1.3 rating, much, much lower than what they were expecting.

'The Bachelor' gave them a run for their money

Perhaps another reason why the show’s ratings were crumbled was because ABC’s “The Bachelor” premiered as well and brought in 6.6 million viewers, more than 1.5 million viewers than “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Donald Trump is still an executive producer on the show, his name will appear in the opening credits, and he will still be getting paid. It is unsure though how big his role will be since he will have a country to run and what not.

Seems the nation should come first, eh. So as of now Trump is…not fired.

You can expect a few new changes on the show

There have been a few changes to the new “Celebrity Apprentice” as well such as moving the location from New York to Los Angeles. Oh, and instead of the usual catchphrase “you’re fired” Arnold revealed he will basically be saying “you’re terminated” paying tribute to his iconic films.

The end results of the show and its ratings were just as disappointing as when the nation found out Trump won the presidency. America may have told Trump “you’re hired” but if “The Apprentice” doesn’t get its ratings up soon, they are about to get the boot and of course a taste of their own medicine…” you’re fired!”