There has been a lot of drama this season circulating around JoJo Siwa and whether or not she was leaving not just the Lifetime hit Reality TV show "Dance Moms" but also the studio as a whole. After some time, those rumors proved to be true. But, it seems as though JoJo wasn't the only one having doubts about being on Abby Lee Miller's junior elite competition team. It has come to viewers' attention that the rest of the former dancer's team members, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Nia Frazier, and Brynn Rumfallo, have also been having their doubts as well and could possibly be making their leave from the team.

Could this be the end of the junior elite team? Could this mean the end of "Dance Moms"?

The mothers of the junior elite dancers are unhappy with Abby's choreography yet again

In last week's episode "Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Ah-bee,"the moms, yet again, were unhappy with the routine that the dance coach gave to her junior elite dancers. They made claims that the routine was boring and that Abby was focusing too much on the minis and not enough on their girls. Abby then snubbed the junior elites and really did put all her focus on her mini dancers.

After the mothers confronted Abby about how they felt about the situation, Abby told them that if they wanted to make changes to the hip-hop routine that they could feel free to do so.

She then turned to the cameras and mentioned that the moms were way in over their heads if they thought that they were better than her.

The mini elite mothers were, of course, happy that their daughters were being given all of Abby Lee's focus and attention.

The junior elite dancers leave Abby for her nemesis, Erin Babbs

At the competition, the junior elites' hip-hop routine titled "The Champ" ended up failing to place, while the mini elites took first place with their contemporary routine titled "Cast The First Stone." Mini elite dancers, Lilly and Peyton, also placed first overall in the mini division with their duet, "Sting Like A Bee."

Following the junior elites failure at the competition, the mothers decided their daughters needed better choreography, even if it wasn't Abby's.

It has been made apparent through social media that the mothers pulled their girls out of Abby's studio and team and took them to one of her ultimate nemesis'in the dance world, Erin Babbs. All of the mothers posted a photo to Instagram of their daughters with Babbs with the caption "new beginnings."

Nia, Kalani, Kendall, and Brynn were also apparently seen training with multiple choreographers at the dance studio they would film at before ALDC LA opened.

It is said that they did this as a way to protest for the way Abby treated the girls last week with giving the minis all her attention. All the while, Abby continued on training with the minis, still giving them all of her attention.

Will this undying feud between the minis and the junior elites ultimately lead up to the older dancers leaving the studio for good, meaning the end of the junior elite team? Could it also possibly mean this could be the end of "Dance Moms" as a whole? All fans can do right now is speculate but as far as we can tell, things are not looking good for Miss Abby Lee Miller and her original team.