MTV came out with their hit reality TV show called "16 And Pregnant" nearly 9 years ago. Since then, they have released spin-offs such as "Teen Mom," "Teen Mom 2," and "Teen Mom 3." Now, they have come up with their latest new show named "Young and Pregnant" which is going to feature a slightly older cast of mothers-to-be and their partners aged 17-21.

The point behind the show

The premise of the show is going to be very similar to that of "16 and Pregnant" where they follow the lives and struggles of the cast as they prepare for parenthood.

When MTV first introduced the show of young and expecting mothers to the world, many were very skeptical of the message that it was sending to young viewers.

Many were afraid that it was glamorizing teen pregnancy or that it would make young girls want to get pregnant so that they can get famous by getting themselves on the show. When it's purpose was to do the complete opposite.

Since they've already shown how tough it can be getting pregnant in high school, they decided it might be a good idea how tough it is to be pregnant or raise a child when you're just starting college or even just as a young adult in general.

This show is going to feature the many dramas between the families and the relationship turmoil that can come from getting pregnant at a young age.

What do we already know about the cast?

One of the more dramatic relationships is going to follow Ashley who is 20 and gets in a screaming match at her baby shower with her boyfriend's mom.

Another expecting mother is Lexi who is 17 years old. She is a cheerleader at her high school and is afraid that her fellow cheerleaders are judgmental of her for getting pregnant so young.

Next is a girl named Brianna who is also 17 years old and has one of the more stable relationships on the show. Her baby's father has been completely absent and is nowhere to be seen since she informed him of the pregnancy.

But, her boyfriend named Danae, who also happens to be transgender, stepped in to help raise the child and take on those responsibilities. Many are hoping that because of this, the show will help to speak up about transgender issues as well, as it would be a perfect opportunity to do so.

The show will follow their struggles with unfaithful relationships and Facebook beef.

It'll show the difference in being a pregnant teen or young adult now, versus how it might have been before social media really blew up.

Kayla, who is 18 years old, states after finding out that her boyfriend has cheated on her, yet again, that life would be a lot easier if she weren't pregnant. Pretty sure that's what the "Teen Mom" franchise has been trying to get across to us since 2009.