It looks as though the "Dance Moms" coach, Abby Lee Miller, doesn't just have a possible prison sentence to worry about, her former favorite star of the Lifetime hit Reality TV Show, Maddie Ziegler, has announced she is going to release a tell-all memoir. It's said to be about her life starring in a reality tv show at just 8 years old and all the problems she faced as a young star, as well as her road to stardom.

Could Maddie's memoir reveal all the dark and dirty secrets of 'Dance Moms' and Abby Lee?

In case you didn't already know, Abby Lee Miller is the well-renowned dance coach who owns the Abby Lee Dance Company and stars in her own reality tv show, "Dance Moms".

She has been criticized for years for her coaching style. She often yells at her students and makes them feel stupid. At first, many fans had suspected that maybe it was all scripted or just all for the show, but as the years have gone on, we have learned more and more about Abby. She has been sued by so many of her students for abuse and many students have left, including a few "Dance Moms" team members. In Maddie's book called, "The Maddie Diaries", she talks about all the ups and downs of being on the show, as well as being Abby's favorite. She talks about how she felt pressured and that now she's off the show, she feels free. It just got too stressful for her.

Maddie has confirmed in the past that Abby Lee Miller was the main cause of her anxiety

Many fans will remember the many times the young dancer cried on the show. Maddie and her mother, Melissa, have said time and time again that Maddie is a perfectionist. That added along with the pressure Abby put on her, caused her a lot of anxiety being on the show.

When the show first started, Maddie talked about how sometimes she would cry at night because she felt as though she wasn't good enough, that she felt as though she had to be perfect all the time. Maddie was only eight years old at that time. I can only imagine how her anxiety grew throughout the seasons and as she got older. All of this she admitted in interviews, I can't imagine what all she's going to tell in her book. She says it is going to answer all of her fans burning questions. Her book drops this May 2017.