Trisha Paytas began her YouTube career on January 4, 2007. Her first video was under a minute, and she rapped Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby." It garnered over 200,000 views, and since the upload, her popularity skyrocketed. Fast-forward to 2016, and Paytas continued to master her craft. Videos about Quentin Tarantino, Hello Kitty, and Donald Trump were just a few of her many talking points. While she embodied comedy, other recordings touched on solemnity. She struggled with self-esteem, weight, and sobriety. However, her worst fear was loneliness.

A recent tape titled "abandonment" showcased her former boyfriend Sean van der Wilt. In short, he said Paytas would never have to worry about desertion. Unfortunately, their nasty split occurred in early December of 2016, and Paytas documented her fickle feelings. Wilt remained silent through her episodes, but his quietude only added more drama.

S.W.C by Sean van der Wilt

Wilt's debut single S.W.C. was about his abusive girlfriend. She degraded him, and in the end, he left her. Throughout the video, he danced with fiery resolve; his moves smoldered with passion. In the music video, Wilt crooned, "You shoulda loved me better/You shoulda treated me better/You shoulda/You woulda/You shoulda, woulda, coulda." His love interest, who mimicked Paytas' appearance, was subpar.

Her attitude drove Wilt to his car with his keys and cigarette in hand. His single uploaded one month before his breakup, but the profound content symbolized the damning rift. As Paytas announced her sexual orientation and identified as a chicken nugget, Wilt hid among the shadows.

His latent message

A Snapchat clip captured Wilt at a gay bar.

He grabbed a woman's behind, pulled her hair, and danced with an unknown man. Paytas reacted with a smorgasbord of emotion, but Wilt ditched his Internet interests. On December 15, he favorited a tweet. It read, "This is your life - live it. Take a deep breath & allow the love to flow. Dominate. Conquer. The world is yours." Even though Wilt hasn't publicized his explanation, he agreed with the woman's sentiment.

Regardless of his choices, he embraced positivity. His fans worried for his health and well-being, but Wilt handled his problems with caution. In order to BAM (Be Ahh Mazing), he needed time away from the online realm.